Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kimble Beauty Shine Serum {Review}

A Los Angeles native, Kimberly Kimble is one of the most sought after hair stylists in the entertainment industry. She works with top celebrities in both print and film work and comes from a long line of  stylist. After opening her first salon in 1005, she later went on to open a second salon in west Hollywood and creating her own hair care line.

Among these products are the Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry shine serum which adds shine to dull & dry hair. And her silky non metal hair ties. The hair ties are highly coveted for its luxurious and delicate qualities, silk helps maintain healthy looking hair by minimizing friction and preventing natural oils from depleting. Fabrics such as cotton have the tendency to absorb hair’s natural moisture and be overly harsh, causing hair to become dry and brittle. Sealing in nutrients and shine, hair dressed in silk results in a smoother and glossier appearance

I love the shine serum and a little goes a very very long way. It has a thick consistency to it but not so heavy that it pulls down your hair making it appear greasy. It didn't have much of a smell just a natural hint of nutty aroma. I like to use this on my daughters hair when I'm braiding it or putting it up in various styles as I feel it gives it a sleekness without looking like its hard with gel.

The hair ties I honestly felt were much like mass produced ties without the metal. I find that they break often but they do have a silky feel.
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