Sunday, September 14, 2014

One Direction Review & Swatches {Makeup}

My daughter was very excited when she saw this arrive at the house and already claimed dibs on it not even knowing what it was at the time, so when she found out it was makeup she was even more excited. How can you deny a 7 year old one direction or makeup. I mean come on its what they live for. (Or so I'm told)

One direction launched its new makeup line with the youthful new generation in mind and that was very apparent. It was backed by MarkwinsBeauty who is responsible for brands like Wet n Wild, The Color Institute and Physicians Formula. When I was selected for this review I was excited to see how it would measure up with consumer vs prestige products.

The packaging was really nice and had the feel of a higher end brand. It matched very well and does appeal to a younger or edgy crowd.

The colors are bold, and the formula is what I would expect from a consumer (drugstore) brand. I really only enjoyed a couple things from this set. First the eyeshadow is very soft and smooth almost creamy but its not. And the jumbo eye pencil has amazing bold color pay off. The down side was the eye shadow doesn't blend all that well it has horrible fall out and it doesn't have very good adhesion even with my trust eye shadow primer. The more you blend the more the colors get muddy. The nail polish is very sheer but buildable with 2-3 coats, and the lip stick is dry. As a professional makeup artist I wouldn't be able to use any of these products. However they are great for a young girl just starting in makeup.

Available in 3 colors. Each set includes eye shadow quad with glitter, jumbo liner pencil, mascara, lip stick, lip gloss, nail polish and stencils.  Limited Edition Box set retails for $28.50 and you can find them at Macy's,