Thursday, October 16, 2014

L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base Primer Review {Makeup}

So lookie lookie what I found. Where did I find it you ask? At the dollar tree. My first impression of this was it was thick and not really what I am use to in a primer. Kind of reminded me of a yeast infection if your really want to know. Gross yes but hey its all in the name of beauty. So lets slap some of this on my face.

Now that my moisturizer and the perfecting base has had time to soak in time to whip up my foundation. With it being fall my summer glow is starting to fade and my ghostly white is showing more and more so I have to mix my summer and winter foundations together right now.

So how drastic that is. Craziness I know. And I don't even try to get sun but it happens. After mixing them in really well I use a stippling brush to apply my foundation. I find it to be better for several reasons. 1. sponges soak up to much product. 2. my skin can some time be dry or flaky in areas so any kind of rubbing enhances that. 3. brushes are just more sanitary.

The results are something like this. Just even smooth skin. I think the primer does in fact help reduce the appearance of my pores and the little bag line I have under my eyes from lack of sleep and over all seems to give me a smoother finish. I will also say I am in fact not a oompa loompa the lighting in here is just awful and yellow. I actually have neutral under tones meaning no pink or yellow for me.

Here is one in a different room with  little eyeliner thrown on and don't even ask what that side kissy thing I have no idea. This post isn't really about that anyway its about the fact that I found this L'Oreal magic perfecting base at my local dollar tree and I had to jump on it before anyone else took the last one. These girls are on it around here. Well there ya go, my review, thoughts, opinions, yellow pictures and what not for the magic perfecting base. Is it magic? Heck no is it worth a dollar? Heck yes. Let me know your thought opinions or just what color your wearing today. Im really that bored and seriously need friends.