Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ringling Bros Presents Legends Circus Scott Trade Center Oct 17-19 {Local}

Its that time of year again for the circus to bring all its excitement and mystery. My family has been making it a tradition to go every year and so far our favorite year was last years dragon show. It was great meeting and hanging out with the clowns before the show and the kids really loved getting to go on the stage for the pre show.


My favorite part has always got to be the elephants, they are so large but graceful and gentle. The excitement in the stadium is overwhelming and if you have never been you need to see for your self. The best thing about it is every show is different so just because you may have seen last years doesn't mean you know whats in store for you this year when they present "Legends"

You can catch the show at the Scott Trade Center October 17th (10:30 & 7) , 18th (11, 3, & 7) and on the 19th (1 & 5).

Find out more about this years "Legends" themed show

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