Nacho Bites
Stuffed garlic bread meatballs
Mouth watering chicken nuggets
Garlic Ribs & Potatoes
Dorito Chicken Nacho Supreme
Caramel Apple Porkchops
Monkey Bites
Homemade Cheese Sticks
Italian Pasta Salad
Mamas Not So White Chicken Chili
Mexican Pizza
Udon Beef Bowls
Fried Chicken Salad
Taco Dip
Talk about Hot
Broccoli Cheedar Soup
Monster Claws & Ghost Potatoes
Swamp Monsters & Mummy Meatloaf
Chunky Munkey Bread
Cheeseburger Cupcakes
The most important start to your day
All greek to me
Cocoa Banana cream cupcakes
Pork its whats for dinner
Egg Drop Soup
First bento of the school year
Mmmm Pizza
Teryaki Chicken
A month of yummy goodness
Mini sliders & fries
Num Num Nachos
Veggie stuffed chicken & cupcakes
Trusty Spaghetti
Burrito Night
Japanese Dinner
Adventures in cooking
b's lunch 8.21.09
dimsum - baked
b's lunch 8.20.09